Achieve 100% audit scores in 75% less time.

Reduce certification risk with schedules, rules, and instructions embedded in records.
Ensure process data is easily accessible for audits and analytics.

corrective and preventative action form on tablet

Problems Solved

Eliminate barriers to compliance.

  • Slow Data Entry

    Autofill answers, link related records to stop duplication, take pictures, and more.

  • Manual Record Review

    Create required answers, embed instructions, and automatically track change history in records.

  • Undetected Deviations

    Set rules in records that automatically flag live non-conformities for CAPA.

  • Stressful Audit Preparation

    Automatically summarize and sort every submission, and quickly search any record by the data it contains.

  • Lack of Process Insight

    Automatically stream data into customizable reports to analyze operating results by variable.

  • Incomplete Version Control

    Automatically track a change history and instantly share version updates to all users.

  • Mock Recall Traceability

    Quickly find a product by searching any related data, and trace up or down its process history.

  • Tedious Supplier Management

    Share application templates, organize certificates, and manage supplier statuses in one clean list.

How it’s Different

Ease of use for non-technical operators.

Hide and reveal record questions based on answers.
Embed image-based policies and instructions so they can be viewed in any record.

to do list and pre-op inspection forms on phones

Food Safety and QA

Build efficiency and control in compliance.

Enable operators to improve the accuracy, speed, and depth of data capture.
Streamline the management of record submissions, policies, suppliers, and more.

internal audit form on laptop

Supply Chain

Streamline supplier approvals and certificates.

Automatically score supplier risk in application records, and actively manage supplier statuses.
Store all supplier information in one hub, alongside certificates with expiry dates for renewal.

supplier application form and supplier approval form

Process Analytics

Get data-driven insight for management.

Create custom records to capture any kind of process data.
Build custom reports to automatically aggregate and analyze data captured in records.

deviations by employee report on tablet


Available from any location, on any device.

Provision uses cloud storage to enable instant sharing and collaboration on records.
The platform is fully responsive for use on any internet-connected device.

supplier application form and supplier approval form


Flexible to suit any process or certification.

Set up any record template, create custom reports, and manage any static document.
Provision is used from farm to retail for every GFSI food safety standard.

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