There is 3x more process data in food safety records than the average ERP.

Easily aggregate and analyze data to master your variables.

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How it Works

Summarize any data from any record.

Create a custom record to capture any kind of process data.
Build a custom report to automatically aggregate data from the record submissions.

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One click, and you have a spreadsheet.

Instantly export data from a Provision report into a spreadsheet for any other program.
The export is pre-formatted to allow for charting, pivot tables, and easy analysis.

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Root Cause

Context, linked to every datapoint.

Click any datapoint in a report to view the original record, including images and staff history for context.
View related records to easily trace up or down the process history.

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Easily navigate high volumes of data.

  • Pick What’s Relevant

    Instead of reading full records, simply checkmark the fields you want aggregated from all submissions.

  • Ignore Incomplete Work

    Choose to exclude draft records from the report to only display data from verified records.

  • Pre-Filter the Data

    For any field you’ve chosen, specify exact values or ranges you want to appear in the report.

  • Flexible Search and Sort

    Quickly sort data by a column in one tap, or instantly search all data as you type.

Custom Upgrade

Visualize your data in compliance dashboards.

Custom-integrate Provision data into Superset, Tableau, or any BI platform.
Create live dashboards with charts, flexible filters, and advanced math for analytics.

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GFSI Audits

Show continuous improvement for audits.

GFSI-benchmarked food safety schemes will audit continuous improvement.
Support your answer with a trend report of employee training scores or non-conformities.

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  • “Without Provision, most information never leaves a form, so decisions may not always address the facts.”

    Jas Bains

    Jas Bains

    Vice President & GM, VersaCold Logistics

  • “The process trending in Provision helps our producers learn from data to advance their control of safety, quality, and cost.”

    Andre Solymosi

    Andre Solymosi

    General Manager, BCVMC


Accessible process data, starting at $95 monthly.